Core Vitality Program

How is your core vitality?

Are you stuck in bed?

Part of the “Just OK” work force, faking it but not quite making it as you struggle through your days with kids and work?

Maybe you’ve even seen a doctor (or a few) because you still feel awful, but all your tests are normal.

If you suffer from fatigue, I would like to share my story with you.


As a naturopathic general physician for the last twenty years, I’ve worked with some very complex, chronically ill patients. With each of them, I was able to look them in the eye and tell them “You can get better.” But five years ago, I found that even though my patients were improving, I couldn’t shake my own exhaustion. I could only work part-time, and I started to wonder if I had been wrong in what I had been telling my patients. I worried that I might never recover.

It wasn’t the first time I’d crashed. Seventeen years earlier, I spent two months unable to get out of bed. That time, I bounced back on my own. In two years, I was functioning at 150%, as a clinic owner with a private practice, a teacher at a naturopathic college, and a wife and mother. I was able to roll through long days of doctoring, cooking, parenting, researching, working out — and I loved it all! I had recovered from my extreme fatigue, but I didn’t really understand how I had gotten there.

The next time, seventeen years later, I had fallen (literally), and the repercussions of that injury led me back to my chronic fatigue. When I found myself gazing at that familiar life-sucking pit of exhaustion, I didn’t know what to do. I would wake up and wonder, “How am I ever going to make it through this day?”

I was frightened. I did not want to be stuck in bed again, staring at the ceiling. My clinic had huge monthly expenses I had to cover. I realized that if I didn’t want my crashes of fatigue to become an endless cycle, I needed to go further and deeper in my healing. I had to get better.

I dug deep into the available research, and connected with my inner desire to heal. I left no stone unturned - I couldn’t. I was a hard case, but I practiced what I learned. I did get better, and I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned into the Core Vitality Program. It’s my offering to you. You can heal. I know you can.

If you had all the energy you wanted, what would you do with your life?

What if you could have more vibrancy and health, and could greet each day with enthusiasm? Imagine coming home from work ready to play with the kids, help with homework, work on your new DIY project, or plan a vacation for the family.

Are you ready for that? Or have you gotten so used to just being “OK” that you can’t even imagine your body filled with vital energy?

If you are ready for lasting change, transformation, and true healing, first you have to face the truth. You need to find the cause and create your map to vitality.

You don’t have to resign yourself to months, years, or a lifetime of feeling like this. Take advantage of what I’ve learned from the years I've suffered with fatigue, from the thousands of hours I’ve spent treating patients, and from the hundreds of hours of research I have done. You can get yourself out of that dark pit sooner than I did. You can get better!

I know it can be hard to believe. It was for me at one point. So, what if you listen to that defeated voice and do nothing for your chronic fatigue? You might heal spontaneously. Some people recover after a few months or years. Others do not, and for them, fatigue lasts a lifetime. But forewarned is forearmed: once you’ve had chronic fatigue, you are more likely to get it again.

If you're shaking your head in recognition reading this, I invite you to allow me to guide you, within realistic and viable parameters, in how to get your mojo back.

Introducing the Core Vitality Program

The Core Vitality Program is a series of online courses designed to teach you everything you need to know about chronic fatigue — how to recognize the symptoms, how to identify your own triggers, and how to start addressing them.

This program walks you through the symptoms of a broad spectrum of causes and how to identify which ones are the dominant energy drains for you. We’ll go through testing and treatment options. I'll guide you in strengthening your health foundations, like finding the right diet for your particular set of circumstances.

We’ll also spend a good amount of time working on mindset and subconscious work — truly powerful medicine that it is already in each of us — and how to use your mind to help heal your body. Along the way, I’ll explain the whys and hows, and I’ll teach you to see the warning signs so you can protect yourself from future episodes.

It’s a journey, not a quick fix. It takes time and effort to get your vitality back. And as with any journey, many wonderful and unexpected things are found along the way. We come out stronger, more self-aware, and ready to live our lives to the fullest.

I want you to find your energy and your joy so you can inspire your kids, friends, partners and co-workers. You have the ability to switch from feeling constantly overwhelmed to a balanced life, one that’s full of joy, patience, and compassion. I promise I'll be there to help along the way.


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I’m in the final stages of getting the course outline onto a digital platform with a small team of web developers, graphic designers, and editors to make the Core Vitality Program ready for the world. I'm so excited to share this course with you, and meanwhile I'll be putting out educational resources via video and email. Sign up to receive updates about the Core Vitality Program, and you'll receive bonuses along the way that spring from my 20 years of experience as a naturopathic doctor.


Running on empty, charting your day from couch to bed or coffee cup to candy bar is not the way to live.

You do have other options. The Core Vitality Program teaches you all you need to know about chronic fatigue, including how to  recognize its symptoms, determine your own root causes, and how to begin to heal.

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