Learn the framework you need to increase your health today

Learn to not only survive, but THRIVE!

In this 3-day workshop you'll learn the key strategies to optimal health from functional medicine expert Dr. Jenny Tufenkian.

Each day a Q&A session will immediately follow the training, plus surprise giveaways daily to those who attend LIVE!

Live 3-Day Workshop March 25-27, 2020 9 - 11 AM PST.


  • Optimize Your Immune Function Framework: how to thrive in a chaotic world
  • ‘Foundational Four’ increase your resilience and energy


  • Tapping into the power of the mind to get out of overwhelm, anxiety, depression
  • Emotional wellness toolkit


  • What if you get sick? What is it? Cold, flu, allergies or ??? 
  • Deep dive into how to effectively treat: coughs, colds, fevers, GI upset, sinusitis and allergies!

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