Doctors: Struggling to Find Solutions for Patients with ME/CFS and Long COVID?

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Demystify The Causes of ME/CFS and 
Develop Sustainable Treatment OPTIONS

For Your Most Challenging Cases through

THE Core Vitality Program For Doctors and Practitioners

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Hi, I'm Dr. Jenny Tufenkian.

I'm a licensed Naturopathic Physician, Functional Medicine Educator, Entrepreneur and Mom, and I specialize in teaching doctors and other practitioners to treat patients with ME/CFS and Long COVID. 

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CFS/ME are very complex conditions.

How confident are you in treating ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? 

 Enroll in the Core Vitality: Demystifying ME/CFS Program to get the information you need to identify root causes of ME/CFS and Long COVID, and the confidence to implement effective treatment options.

Patients presenting with symptoms of ME/CFS and Long COVID present significant challenges for physicians.

This is a practical course based on clinical experience, backed by research.

After this course you will have the knowledge and tools you need to treat your chronic fatigue patients effectively.

Leverage the specialized knowledge that Dr. Jenny can provide after 20 years of focusing on this less understood group of illnesses.

The Benefits of Core Vitality: Demystifying ME/CFS Program

Unsure How to Diagnose

Apply Reliable Clinical

Limited to Palliative Care

Treatment Options for Each Root Cause

Feeling Powerless to Help

Confidence in Guiding Patient with Realistic Goals and Outcomes

Overwhelmed Treating CFS/ME (patients)

Excited and Engaged When Treating CFS/ME (patients)

Watch as Dr. Jenny explains how to return your toughest patients to their Core Vitality

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To my fellow health practitioners,

For over 20 years I have been practicing and teaching functional medicine, seeing the most intense, complicated cases of chronic disease. 

I am a hard working doctor and momma of two… trying to be perfect at both, failing beautifully, of course, and learning to love myself through it all.

AND I’ve been a patient as well, having walked my own path with illness and chronic fatigue.  Many times on that journey I felt lost and scared, tired and drained, unable to help myself or those around me.

I dug deep into the available research, and connected with my inner desire to heal. I left no stone unturned - I couldn’t. I was a hard case, but I practiced what I learned. I did get better, and I distilled everything I learned into the Core Vitality Program. 

Since developing the program, I’ve helped hundreds of chronically ill patients rediscover their core vitality.  In the process, I’ve been coaching physicians and other primary health care providers on how to assess the best options for the most challenging cases of ME/CFS, and most recently, Long COVID.

The Core Vitality: Demystifying ME/CFS Program is specifically designed for physicians and practitioners who need specialized assistance in determining effective treatment options for their patients.  The program qualifies for 13 CE units by OBNM.

As an ME/CFS sufferer myself, I had to find answers to avoid being on permanent disability. My journey led me to uncover 5 distinct pathways to ME/CFS. Through history, clinical evaluation and basic lab testing you can begin to understand the most significant root cause in your patients.

For the first time, I’m offering the program as a bundle, providing physicians with the ability to access the courses at one low price and gain 13 CE hours at the same time.

I am putting my life’s work out in the world because it’s time! It is the time for all of us to be our best.

The world needs us to shine our lights as brilliantly as we can. I think we can agree that there is a lot of fear and darkness in the world right now.

I would love to see you shine, so you can be the leader, the light for those whom you are with at home, on the street and in your work. Listen to my free presentation on the next page to learn how.


Dr. Jenny Tufenkian, N.D.

Watch as Dr. Jenny explains how to return your toughest patients to their Core Vitality

Watch the Free Training Now

Hear What Doctors Have to Say About Dr. Jenny’s Program

JoDee M Anderson, MD, MEd

“It's really incredible when a practitioner from another area of study can reach through an audience and impact a person. Dr. Tufenkian did just that, she caused me to examine the very core of my understanding of medicine from the Western perspective and opened me to a more holistic, integrative approach to patient care. Her language and her knowledge span all perceived boundaries; she makes profound connections with practitioners from all professions. My patient care has been transformed through her teaching.”

Raina Lasse, ND

Very valuable and engaging. The way Dr. Jenny teaches is unique and golden. Felt like she was leading with wisdom, not just information. Put together a lot of nuanced information in an easily effective way. Grateful I attended.

Dr. Amy Johnson, ND

"I’m going through it a second time, loved it. So much to digest and incorporate into how I treat people."

Laura Martell, ND

Dr. Tufenkian was well organized and knowledgeable. She made this topic usable and practical. I feel like I can go back to clinic on Monday and help my patients.”

Watch as Dr. Jenny explains how to return your toughest patients to their Core Vitality

Watch the Free Training Now

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