Do You Get Sad, Irritable, or Blue in the Winter Months?

SAD is a serious and real issue for many people living in any temperate, rainy climate zone like the Pacific Northwest. I will post on this throughout the winter to keep you filled with tips on staying in joy all year.

Three key tips right here:

  1. Get a full spectrum light. USE IT NOW. Don’t wait until January or February when you finally figure out this is why you feel so BLAH. The sun is out for shorter days as we head into winter solstice. Stay on top of your mood curve and turn your light on. I use Verulux “Happy Light” (no affiliation). Times to think about using it: in your office, in the morning when doing your morning rituals: yoga, meditation, make-up, or making breakfast/ lunches. I leave my smaller light on all day in my office!
  2. Diffuse uplifting essential oils. They will increase your mood by boosting serotonin and dopamine. I love to use Bergamot, Wild Orange and Siberian Fir!
  3. Plan your vacations. A few years into our marriage my husband and I made a...
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