Geek Out on Mitochondria

Got patients complaining of fatigue after a viral illness? Exhaustion is rarely caused by just one thing. And it is possible that part of why your patient is so exhausted is their mitochondria got hijacked by the virus.

Serious Health Crisis

I've been working with Chronic Fatigue patients ME and other invisible illnesses. This has been a personal and professional journey for me. And because I find that so many practitioners often struggle to know how to effectively help their patients with prolonged exhaustion, I would like to share a few insights with you.

I see that we're in a serious health crisis, due to the uptick of post viral fatigue, also called ME/CFS, which leads to what I call unnecessary suffering. I believe those who struggle with fatigue, need more strategies for healing and more hope. I would love to guide you to help your patients to experience their full vitality again.

Mitochondria Can Get Hijacked By Virus

I personally believe that when we understand the why, the...

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History of Long Haulers

Diagnosing and treating long haulers can be a source of aggravation not just for the patient, but for the doctor and practitioner as well. It can feel like a mysterious and disabling medical problem with just too few proven ways to diagnose let alone treat it.

Chronic Fatigue/ME, and other invisible illnesses

I've been working with Chronic Fatigue/ME, and other invisible illnesses for over 20 years in my medical practice. This has been a personal journey as well as a professional one for me. And I truly believe that we can offer our patients more strategies as well as more hope for healing.

I've seen just too many doctors make this one mistake in their thinking about long COVID and long haulers. Which is this just because we experienced a worldwide novel virus, they assume that the post viral sequela, known as long haulers is also novel. And it's not. We see post infectious fatigue outbreaks consistently after epidemics and outbreaks of illness.


Here are some of the history...

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