Heart Endurance - Stronger and Healthier Heart!

How is your energy? The stronger and healthier your heart is, the more vitality you’ll experience. How can you increase your heart’s strength so you have more energy?

Your Mitochondria

Whether you are really ill or in training for a triathlon, the answer is the same: if you want to up-regulate your heart’s energy, look to your mitochondria. Mitochondria are tiny little organelles in each of our cells (except the red blood cells).

They create the energy we need to live. Without them, we’d die in three seconds. They are very vulnerable to damage from toxins in our environment, especially heavy metals. Supporting your mitochondria is the key to a longer, healthier life.[1]

Heart’s Physical Capabilities

Do you ever wonder how you rate? How is your energy? Want to find out? 

If you want to know what your heart’s physical capabilities are, check out these tests. You can perform these with a physical trainer or a medical provider.

  • Stress test...

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Hypertension worries you? Have you tried these?

Got high blood pressure? You are not alone. It is very common and potentially harmful, but treatable. Blood pressure is meant to be variable: it should be able to increase when you need to get blood quickly to your brain and muscles, and it should decrease when you are at rest. 

Medications and supplements may be needed. 

If your blood pressure is consistently too high or too low, your body is out of balance. Medications and supplements may be needed. 

However, my favorite easy, nontoxic, and free method to lower blood pressure is to BREATHE! Check out the heart pranayama (pranayama is Sanskrit for “breathing exercise”) below. You can also look into the FDA-approved biofeedback machine that’s been clinically proven to lower BP as well as most hypertension medications! 

Do the heart breath exercise

Lie comfortably on your back. Focus on and feel your heart area. Inhale for a count of 8, hold your breath for 8, then exhale for 8. Continue for 3...

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Heart Palpitations: Scary and Potentially Deadly

I was lying on the floor in the back of the theater. My friend was about to read her poem to the expectant audience. All I could think about was how my heart was erratically pounding in my chest. It had lasted for hours. I was scared, wondering, “Am I going to die?”

Get them assessed

If you have heart palpitations, GET THEM ASSESSED. A heart monitor strapped (literally taped) to your chest for one to five days will provide great information for you and your medical team. DO IT.

After this frightening event, I did make an appointment to get my heart checked out. I had something called PVCs (premature ventricular contractions), a benign yet disconcerting condition. Many palpitations are not life-threatening, but some can be.

If you’re like me and have been diagnosed with benign palpitations, you can treat them naturally. Get a proper work-up: it lets you and your physician create an effective plan and takes worry out of the picture, relieving your heart of even more...

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The most likely way to die…

So here you go. This month, and just this month, peer into your email inbox every week  to unveil a tip about how to maintain your health and treat your heart. We don’t hold big marches or wear ribbons for it. 

Heart disease is the number one cause of death for women. 

The symptoms of a heart attack in women are different than they are in men. In women, heart attacks are often misdiagnosed and undertreated partly because of how we, as women, tend to dismiss our pain. 

Heart attacks are the leading cause of death for men too!

Not just in the US,[2] but worldwide![3] Why are we not up in arms and doing more about this? Is it because the treatments are overly simple? 

If there were a “heart march,” this would be the wristband slogan for protecting the physical heart: LOVE, BREATHE, MOVE, and EAT PLANTS! 

Stress is also a huge factor in heart disease. In fact, I was worried about causing you to go into cardiac arrest when I realized...

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Women's Heart Health

February is heart health month, so today I'm kicking off a series of blog posts dedicated to the one part of our bodies we really need to pay attention to so we can stay healthy on all levels. 

It is right in the middle of our chests: our hearts.

Women Are Strong and Capable

Women are often so focused on taking care of others and “making it all happen” that it's easy to put ourselves last.

Women are more likely than men to dismiss the symptoms that come on before a severe heart attack. Because of this they often do not get treatment that could save their heart and life. 

What is “heart disease”?

Heart disease is really a broad term, anything that affects the hearts structure or function is considered “heart disease”.

Coronary heart disease is when the heart cannot deliver enough blood to the heart muscle itself. This is they type of heart disease that is still the number one leading cause of death in women.[1] 

Below are the most...

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