Sugar and the Holidays

I grew up baking—I loved it! I would find the most challenging recipe in the Joy of Cooking and take it on as a weekend project. On a typical Friday night when I was in my middle school years, my parents would be out at a concert, my brother would be out with his friends, and I would be home baking up a storm, making pastry cream for poppy-seed cake, baking oodles of cookies or pies while Beatles tunes blared on the stereo. I was filled with joy as I placed my creations on the table to share with my family when they returned home.

I knew sugar had calories, and that it probably supported the healthy amount of adipose tissue I had! But I had no idea how else it affected my body, nor did I know about any alternatives to baking with sugar.

Sugar can work wonders in baked goods, and it certainly tastes delicious, but it also greatly decreases your white blood cells’ ability to destroy bacteria, viruses, or anything else. If you consume a half...

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Stress Baking Anyone?

OK, today is election day. 

Hopefully you voted. 

The work is done, for the moment. 

All we can do is wait… and feel what? 

Stress? There are lots of healthy ways to handle stress: we can reach out to others, sing, move our bodies (dance, take a walk)… or we can bake. 

In our home we call these situations IBMs: Inappropriate Baking Moments! 

Honestly, their timing may be inappropriate, but no one really complains since the outcome is so yummy. 

I choose to bake treats that are gluten-free and often vegan. I only use natural sweeteners. I love foods that are nutritionally dense. 

Here are my favorite fall and winter pie recipes, along with some yummy fall foods.

AND, in case you are gluten-free and want to actually roll out a flaky white crust to de-stresshere ya go. This is the recipe I have been holding close to my chest. It was created by accident. It is NOT nutritionally...

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Zoom Got You Down?

I felt utterly drained and did not know what had hit me. 

During the first few weeks of the pandemic I crashed hard after full days on the computer, staring at the screen. 

You too? 

I am a ninja at figuring out what is draining people’s energy, especially my own. Why was I so tired?   

My path of healing from chronic fatigue was long and deep. And now I have listened to so many other people’s stories of suffering from exhaustion. 

I have long said, “People with chronic fatigue can talk about the different kinds of ‘tired’ like wine connoisseurs talk about fine wine.” 

So when I stumbled out of my home office feeling fried after eight hours of patient visits over Zoom, I immediately took an internal inventory: What kind of tired is this? Where is it coming from? Like a computer checking for a virus, I bounced the pieces of data back and forth. 

I was drained. I could not look at another screen. I...

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