3 Tips to Decrease Your Risk of Getting Ill this Winter

Fall weather always feels bittersweet to me even while I enjoy soaking in those last rays of sunshine. I know it’s the ending of the life and vibrancy of summer. I recommend that you take a few minutes during this season of transition to prepare to support your health through the next months. I’ve created a guide to help you in staying healthier this fall. Feel free to download the full PDF by clicking the link below.

I know cold season has started for many. I want to make sure you’re prepared for the inevitable viruses on the way. Last year was a rough flu season, and though we’re hoping this year will be lighter, you can be prepared no matter what!

Wash your hands

I know, I know, so basic! I don’t mean to totally frighten you, but the hepatitis C virus can live on cold, wet surfaces for three days! Now you know why doctor-moms are uber-paranoid. However, if you really do wash your hands right after you get off the bus, pick up that stylus to sign at...

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