Smoke Sick

Uncategorized Sep 14, 2020

As the west coast is blanketed in toxic smoke, our beloved forests are burning and many people are losing everything, some their lives. 

I sit in the smoke, grateful for my home, my air filters, and my ability to use natural medicine to heal—but most importantly, for the LOVE I feel. I am surrounded by you, my family and neighbors. I know we are all here for each other when we need it most. I believe this is THE most important part of being human. 

Here’s one thing I feel is happening to us all: we’re building incredible resilience and capacity for change, learning how to turn on a dime and find resources in ourselves and in our communities 

With the intense upheaval we’ve been in all year, there is a lot of fear in the air. And the natural human response to this is to try to make sense of it all—to create a narrative to tie it all together, create a story we can wrap our minds around. I believe that’s part of why so many conspiracy...

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What I’ve been afraid to say

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2020

This time is like no other.

When we are really ill, even dying, an opportunity for deeper healing arises. 

The same is true of our society.

The riots and protests this past week are like a fever. They’re showing us that our society has been sick—it has an infection, and it needs attention. The illness has been endemic in our culture for eons, and now smartphones are making it impossible for our society to ignore. 

Facing our current condition is scary and hard, and the outcome is uncertain, just like in any serious illness. And yet we can use this breakdown as a chance to rise up. I see the gift in these very hard times as an opportunity to choose to heal. 

As Martin Luther King Jr. wrote in his ““Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” 

I am not comfortable talking about this. I am white. I have seen the injustice, felt the pain, read the history, and still felt relatively powerless. Being white felt like being...

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Ready, Set, or PANIC? Coronavirus

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2020

Ready, set, or panic? We’re all faced with the unknown every day, but it’s rarely been more evident than now, with the appearance of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. 

I just got over the flu, so I have a recent reminder of what it feels like to be ill. It is hard to have your body taken over by a virus. It is uncomfortable, but it also passes. And oddly, it can have its benefits. 

I have avoided the flu for over a decade by using the tips in my flu guide. I am reposting them here for you, and also sharing an essential oil protocols created by a colleague (see my note below). 

How should we prepare for the coronavirus? I have been scouring the news and science reports daily for months, trying to get my head around this outbreak to answer my own questions. 

I have been watching my neighbors panic-shop, my friends either in total freak-out mode or the opposite: disbelieving anything bad will happen. 

What is the truth? Who is at risk? How do...

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Do You Get Sad, Irritable, or Blue in the Winter Months?

SAD is a serious and real issue for many people living in any temperate, rainy climate zone like the Pacific Northwest. I will post on this throughout the winter to keep you filled with tips on staying in joy all year.

Three key tips right here:

  1. Get a full spectrum light. USE IT NOW. Don’t wait until January or February when you finally figure out this is why you feel so BLAH. The sun is out for shorter days as we head into winter solstice. Stay on top of your mood curve and turn your light on. I use Verulux “Happy Light” (no affiliation). Times to think about using it: in your office, in the morning when doing your morning rituals: yoga, meditation, make-up, or making breakfast/ lunches. I leave my smaller light on all day in my office!
  2. Diffuse uplifting essential oils. They will increase your mood by boosting serotonin and dopamine. I love to use Bergamot, Wild Orange and Siberian Fir!
  3. Plan your vacations. A few years into our marriage my husband and I made a...
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Blessings From My Father's Passing

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2019

What a journey my family has been on the past few months!

We supported my father in his passing. He had been suffering from a prolonged chronic brain disease for over a decade. It has been what I call the ‘long goodbye’ - those of you who have family with degenerative brain conditions know what I am talking about!

We had the gift of him returning to his more normal mental faculties a few months before his death. It was a treat to be with him again. As I anticipated his passing this holiday season, I expected to feel bittersweet, but there is no bitterness. Sadness…. yes, at times deep grief... but also joy, wonder and gratitude with what we witnessed as my father passed and how we grew as a family.

It was a beautiful process. I was honored to have a front row seat to his transition to another level of being. It was a sacred space I shared with our extended family and friends for weeks over this holiday break.

I enter the New Year emboldened by what I have learned....

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3 Tips to Decrease Your Risk of Getting Ill this Winter

Fall weather always feels bittersweet to me even while I enjoy soaking in those last rays of sunshine. I know it’s the ending of the life and vibrancy of summer. I recommend that you take a few minutes during this season of transition to prepare to support your health through the next months. I’ve created a guide to help you in staying healthier this fall. Feel free to download the full PDF by clicking the link below.

I know cold season has started for many. I want to make sure you’re prepared for the inevitable viruses on the way. Last year was a rough flu season, and though we’re hoping this year will be lighter, you can be prepared no matter what!

Wash your hands

I know, I know, so basic! I don’t mean to totally frighten you, but the hepatitis C virus can live on cold, wet surfaces for three days! Now you know why doctor-moms are uber-paranoid. However, if you really do wash your hands right after you get off the bus, pick up that stylus to sign at...

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